ID & UI.Self-employed

When Smart Wearable Devices started to become a cliche, isn’t it the time to rethink about “how we read time?”, “On a full-fingerprints-covered screen or a shinny transparent glass?” With those notions in mind, we figured out a solution named Nido, which is sheerly to tell time, but in an intriguing way.

It all starts with this.

For the interface, we distilled the ideas from both ancient Chinese sundial and modern swiss typography. However, we still named it Nido(needle) for this hybrid creature of ancient and modern, east and west.

Born Together

It always feels good when things come in pair. One for Monday, the other for Tuesday, or one for you and the other for the love of your life.

Nido x Apple Watch

We have applied the design to Apple Watch as well with the amazing watchkit released recently. Please stay tuned if you planned to buy an Apple Watch.