UX & UI. Robert Bosch

Bosch Car Media Department initiated a project named “Myspinup”, which is a multi-media device in car that can mirror apps from users’ smart phone. Our task was to create everthing out of nothing.

User Interview

In order to understand end users and their user cases, we conducted 7 intensive interviews in a simulated environment. The form of the results will be listed as design insights and top findings below.


Based on the top findings above, we started to loose sketch with random ideas and then conclude them into workflows and wireframes.


The visual designs are based on the result of a visual study earlier, "Matte Zen" style, which is not only about the removal of the clutters, but also about bringing the useful info in order. Most importantly, it speaks the Bosch accent.

Enjoy Driving.

With Myspinup built in the car, we want the attention on us as minimal as possible. Most of the annoying clustered infomations have been deducted from the system for the ultimate purpose in driving: Be safe while enjoyable.