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“I love Craigslist, which makes life way more easier, But it just looks too windows 95...” Yes, apparently, Craigslist has been a great product for years. Why not give it one more push to go from great to epic? Below is one of the possible pushes.

Let’s hear what the users say

Um... It seems like most of the end users are so dissatisfied with the current situation of craigslist. We calculated the numbers of similar inputs from users, and we found the interesting figures below.

  • 10/10
    Too many infos
  • 8/10
    Soo hard to read
  • 9/10
    Freaking ugly


First thing first, in order to make people have a “New born“ feeling, a brand new branding should be introduced.


In order to increase the aesthetical modern look and feel while still remaining readibility and legibility, open sans has been selected.

Color Strategy

Be guided by the principal of “ASAP“ and “Content is the king“, a lot of area has been left out as white and only a few color has been well-thought picked to pimp up.


The most aesthetically natural look and feel of craigslist ever

Introducing the new webpage.

New Iconography

Newly created glyphs to increase readibility when placing aside those searching titles.

New ios app

Finding good stuff is never this easy and beautiful before.

Fluid interaction in a well organised hierarchy.